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Home 1st Grade Ribbit Phrasing & Tone Continuous Flash Card Game

Ribbit Phrasing & Tone Continuous Flash Card Game

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A fun frog themed game that works on Phrasing and Tone with a Continuous Flash Card Game. Enjoy!

Directions: Place all of the cards in a cup or a bag. Small groups or the whole class can pass the cup around taking cards out and saying the letters. Students will keep the card if they said the letters correctly. If students take out a RIBBIT card, they must put the RIBBIT card back, as well as any letter cards they had previously taken out. This would continue until all cards are gone. The student with the most cards win.

Tip: Can be used as regular flash cards without the RIBBIT cards to practice phrasing and tone.

Includes: 3 Pages of Cards (41 Letter Cards and 4 Ribbit Cards)

Built for letter size paper for easy printing.

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Also, if you have an questions before or after downloading please contact us at


Kim and Joe (her husband)




This Item is Free

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