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Missing Numbers Memory Match Card Game


Students practice number sequence by filling in the blank with the correct number. This is done using a fun memory match game.

One set of cards have number sequences with one number missing. The other set of cards have the numbers that fill in the missing number.

Numbers used in this game go from 0 to 100 so they can be used year round.

Includes: 34 missing number cards and 34 number cards.

Cut out cards. Shuffle cards and place them face down in a random order (generally in even rows so they can practice making arrays, but usually by the end of the game they are jumbled up). Students start by flipping two cards over. If the sequence card matches the missing number card the student may keep them. If the cards don’t match, the student flips them back over. The student with the most cards at the end wins.

Tip: 1 through 100 is included, but can be separated to just use what numbers you are working on at that time.

Built for letter size paper for easy printing.

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