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Missing Letters Memory Match Card Game

Students practice the alphabet sequence by filling in the blank with the correct letter. This is done using a fun memory match game.

One set of cards have alphabet sequences with one letter missing. The other set of cards have the letters that fill in the missing letter.

The cards are separated into 3 sets so they can be used as 3 different games or one large game that covers the full alphabet.

Includes: 27 Missing Letter Cards and 27 Letter Cards (6 cards per page, extra “W” to make sets even). Directions to create the game and directions to play the game.

Directions to CREATE the Game:
Print out the sheets on regular paper or card stock (stronger paper)and laminate to make them last longer. Cut out the cards. The cards are seperated into 3 sets so that the whole alphabet can be used, but they can be separated to use only the part of the alphabet that is being worked on at that time. The letter “W” is used twice to have an even number of cards for the 3 sets. If playing with the whole alphabet one of these can be taken out.

Directions to PLAY the Game:
Start by facing all cards down in a random order. Students start by flipping two cards over. Trying to match the missing letter on the card with the letter on the other card. If they don’t match then they are flipped back over and the process starts again. If a match is made it is removed from the grouping. The student with the most pairs wins!

Tip: This game can be played as a single player or multi-player game.

Built for letter size paper for easy printing.

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Kim and Joe (her husband)



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