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Gold Rush Coin Board Game – Nickels, Dimes, and Quarters

In this fast-paced game students will practice exchanging and counting money. Students take turns rolling a 10-sided dice or using the spinner provided to move along the game board, adding money along the way. Students who get to the gold nugget in the middle of the board with the most money win!Includes 3 versions:
(1) Pennies and nickels; (2) Pennies, nickels, and dimes; (3) Pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.Also includes a spinner with directions.

1) Player 1 spins and moves the number of spaces indicated on the spinner.
2) Player 1 reads what the space says. If it says penny, nickel, dime, or quarter, use that coin and the number they spin to make their score. For example, if player 1 spun a 2 and landed on “Nickel”, the score will be 10 cents.
3) All other players will repeat steps 1 – 2, adding scores as they travel around the board.
4) The game ends once all players have made it to the gold nugget in the center of the board.
5) The player with the largest total wins.

There are two ways to keep track of amounts:
1) Students use paper and pencil to add their money amounts.
2) Students use plastic coins to keep track of their total. Students can exchange “smaller” coins for “bigger” coins.

Built for letter sized paper for easy printing.

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