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Flower Final E Word Games – 2 Games in One

Two games are included in this pack; a sorting game with the flower pots and a continuous flash card game with the word cards and the BUZZ cards. Both using Final E Words.

For the SORTING GAME choose either full page or half page versions of the pots. Cut out the word cards, putting the BUZZ cards to the side. Choose the following card sizes: small for individual or partners, medium for small groups, and large for whole group. Students will sort the cards onto the real words and silly words pots.*For individual work during a center time, you can also have them write the words on the included recording sheet for teacher review.

For the CONTINUOUS FLASH CARD GAME(this is a really lengthy name for the students, I usually just call it BUZZ for them), cut out the word cards and the BUZZ cards and place them in a cup or a bag. Small groups or the whole class can pass the cup around taking cards out and saying the word. Students will keep the card if they said the word correctly. If students take out a BUZZ card, they must put the BUZZ card back, as well as any word cards they had previously taken out.

Tip: To make the game a bit more interesting or fun for the students, have students sit in a circle on the floor. Put on a CD with some fun, upbeat songs and have students pass the cup around. Randomly stop the music. Whichever student is holding the cup when the music stops must pick a card from the cup and say it out loud.***

Built for letter size paper for easy printing.

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